Coming Soon to Food Network: Paula Deen

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Paula Deen will be back on Food Network in the fall. People magazine reports that the embattled TV chef will appear in some episodes of "Home for Dinner," a show that’s hosted by her son Jamie.

The episodes were taped before a controversy over Paula Deen’s use of the N-word led to a decision by Food Network not to renew her contract.

"Just got word #HomeforDinner with mom is being aired in September. I’ll keep y’all posted. But, you know, watch it anyway," Jamie Deen wrote on Twitter.

Paula Deen, 66, is living a quiet life in her hometown of Savannah, Ga., after the media storm and loss of business deals that followed her admission about using the racial epithet, the story adds. It’s not clear whether she’ll make a full-time return to television, the article notes.


  1. Jezzus! Say it ain’t so!! That over-stuffed woman has no business on TV–though in retrospect, surveying what passes for “entertainment” today, I guess she’s just right for the dumbed-down audience.

  2. Why would she have no business on TV?
    People like her recipes and she’s on the Food Network – it all works.

  3. Great —- this woman has come up from nothing – she is not a bigot – I have seen her embrace many people on her show including black, Hispanics, Asians etc. Way to go my favorite magazine!

  4. really she made a mistake and case was dropped

  5. She made a made a mistake. Let it go. Until we all eliminate using this word, whether in song, rap, or in our generalization of how we greet each other, it will be used by anyone and everyone. If we fired everyone who used this word, not many of this new generation would have a job.

  6. She has a right to be on television! She is a great cook, and her shows were awesome! The media had NO RIGHT to dig up something she said over 30 years ago and make such a big deal out of it! Get off your high horse and leave Paula alone! If you want to go after someone for saying that word, go after all the rappers in the world!

  7. I love Paula and just because she said the N Word over 30 years ago was no reason to drop her there are so many people in the world that love her and stand by her I think the food network was so so wrong to drop her from the network… Paula I love you xoxo

  8. Gee, Mark, I wish I were as perfect as you seem to think you are. Can you honestly say that you’ve never said something or did something years ago that you are sorry for now? The only difference between Paula Deen and the rest of us is that she lives her life so much in the public eye. There are so many much more important things going on in this country that we need to be concerned about than what one older woman said 30 years ago. Important government issues go unanswered while the media crucifies this woman.

  9. Well african amercian people think they can say the word but nobody else. I don’t think it’s right at all. I don’t like the N word at all. If you look it up it. This is what it truly means. Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive. a person of any race or origin regarded as contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc.

  10. You’re the one who is a terrible person to make that sort of remark. Paula is a very kind and thoughtful person. You should look so good.

  11. Paula seems to be down to earth person and to be treated this way is a shame.How many times have n used that word? In their songs talking to each other that’s okay but when a white person uses it holy crap they go of their rocker

  12. she needs to be back on TV with all her cooking please let’s have her back like she used to be always enjoyed watching her shows

  13. If Paula Deen were a sports figure, a Rap artist or politician she would be forgiven even murder. But, she is a sixty something white lady with a twang. Easy pickins. I think we need to give a reality check to our moral compass and start cleaning house with the real trash. You know the stuff that is influencing our children rather than a senior who is watched by adults.

  14. Thank you Jo for voicing my sentiments to Mark!!

  15. I agree Jo this is just another bunch of crap to bring a decent women down that has had many ethnic people of all kinds on her show including lots of Black. I hope people will wake up to the fact that she is an asset to all that watch her and all the good she has done. Bring Paula back. Clean up the rapper mouth if anything.

  16. There are lots of “stars” on Food Network that have done far worse than use the “n” word. One had an affair with a very famous country music star and caused a divorce! Much worse I would say!!! Do your research on them all for their legal battles and you will find under paid employees, lies and deception from many so settle down a bit!

  17. mark you are just rude and have a very arrogant attitude towards others!

  18. You have your right to say what U want, the masses have spoken and we want Paula Dean back you Baboon! Paula Dean is a wonderfl chef and hostess, and is welcome in every TV home in America and if U dont think so just take a look at your facebook. See all the good publicity she is getting.

  19. Well put Mary, Joan, Bill, Beverly, Elizabeth, Martha, Nichole, Jack, Yvonne, most of the above. This could happen to anyone and shouldn’t happen to no one. Every fair minded decent person should be against this happening. Whether you like her or not it shouldn’t have happened. Thirty years ago in a different time a different world essentially. Look at the real crimes that go by unnoticed and yet this woman is persecuted for being honest and admitting to something said in the privacy of her own home. others would cry out free speech…. She didn’t even have to admit to it. I guess that’s what she gets for being too honest.

  20. If Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, the Whole Fake Fox Lies, and Donald Trump can all be on TV, then Paula Deen has every right. The REAL Bigots that I listed have no problems at all no matter what they say.
    Paula is a loving person, who is and was NOT the problem. It was her brother, but they went after her because of the money, she’s the one that had the money. Saying the N word over 30 years ago in a private conversation about a person that had just put a gun to her head, is forgivable. No, you should never use that word, but if she had not told the TRUTH no one would ever have known. She was CRUCIFIED for telling the truth.

  21. Grow up. Paula deserves to be forgiven and get a second chance. You sound prejudice against larger women. Shame on you. And by the way, you should learn how to spell….it’s Jesus. I love Paula Deen. She had one of the best shows on TV, not like these so called Reality Shows. She and her sons are great cooking teachers. I have learned a lot from watching them.

  22. I think they should have never taken her off in the first place.everybody at one time or another said those,things even our own race says it.to each other.so i think they need to bring mrs. deen back and,i know that the people that took her off probely done said it themselves,they are just hating on her because she is so down to earth.so bring her back because love paula.

  23. I hope she comes back. She.never should have left

  24. Leave her a lone and let her come black to Food TV. Years and years ago that was, a common word for people to use. I never used it and I’m 72 years old and a lot of people of all races used it.

    Thank you for listening.

  25. Paula brought so
    Much comfort to me after the death of my mom I adore her and stopped watching food network since they betrayed her

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