Controversy: Local Cable TV News Channel in San Diego Makes Parody of Robin Thicke Video. The Parody Calls for San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, Who Has Been Accused by 14 Women of Sexual Harassment, to Resign. See the Video and Read Why It’s Controversial

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"Robin Thicke’s summer pop hit is called ‘Blurred Lines,’ and journalism critics say that’s exactly what they see in a music video parody that uses dancing T.V. news starlets to take a shot at Bob Filner, the San Diego mayor accused by 14 women of sexual harassment," writes James Rainey on the website of the Los Angeles Times.

The video was produced by "… U-T TV — the cable television affiliate of the newspaper once known as the Union-Tribune…," the story says. On its website, the cable channel describes itself: "U-T TV is San Diego’s only all day, all local, all platform live news station powered by the region’s dominant media company. U-T TV leverages the content and expertise of more than 160 newsroom content providers and journalists to deliver the most credible, in-depth, and complete coverage of the San Diego experience."

U-T TV and the newspaper, now known as U-T San Diego, are owned by MLIM Holdings, which is run by San Diego real estate investor Doug Manchester.

You can see the video below, at the end of this story. Here’s some of the reaction to the video, according to the Times story:

“ ‘Vapid and embarrassing,’ pronounced the managing editor of the Voice of San Diego news site and a U-T competitor."

And: " ‘The only thing a news organization has is its credibility in reporting the news,’ said Dean Nelson, director of the journalism program at Point Loma Nazarene University. ‘This doesn’t help.’ "

The Times story continues, "The video features a hip-thrusting Filner character, made by superimposing the mayor’s head on another man’s body, pursuing three young women in skirts and high heels. The U-T news staffers gyrate and spin while rejecting the faux mayor’s advances. The words ‘RESIGN’ and ‘CREEPER’ flash on the screen.

"The criticism of Filner by U-T TV has struck some as ironic, since the start-up television operation has been accused by some other journalists in San Diego of using its female hosts as props."

In a section of its website that has comments by viewers, "U-T San Diego itself injected: ‘We are just trying to entertain with this video. That’s all!’ " according to the Times’ story.

The article adds, "The parent U-T newspaper has drawn considerable criticism since its purchase two years ago by…Manchester. The new owner has been accused of departing from journalistic standards by using his paper to promote his political friends and interests, particularly a new downtown stadium and arena."

Here’s the video:

If you’ve not seen the original Robin Thicke video that this parodies, you can find it here on YouTube. Warning–the Thicke video (not the parody) has nudity.

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  1. It’s a cable TV news operation… what’s the issue?

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