Holy Jiminy Cricket! You Have Got to See This! Miley Cyrus’ Booty Shaking at VMAs Shows She’s Not in Disney’s Land Anymore. Also, See the Shocked Reaction From Will Smith and His Family

Aug 26, 2013  •  Post A Comment

Reaction of Will Smith and his family watching Miley Cyrus perform at Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards — this photo went viral:

Will Smith and fmily watching Miley Cyrus at VMAs 2013.jpgAnd here’s the main event: Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke:

Some tweeted reaction, as found in USA Today:

"Country star Josh Gracin tweeted: ‘Thanks Miley Cyrus. Now I have to explain to my 11 yr old daughter why she no longer can follow your career.’

"And ‘Dancing With the Stars’/’Bachelor’ alum Melissa Rycroft tweeted: ‘I think I’m too old to appreciate the (ahem) new Miley Cyrus….feeling slightly violated…#VMA’ "


  1. Wasn’t only Will Smith. It was one of the most embarrassing peformances that I have seen. Even my “too cool” daughters had to look away.
    Hanna Montana where are you??

  2. What a shame. I am sure Miley is a fine person, but I can’t believe she has stooped so low, strutting around the stage like a slut. Disappointing…

  3. really sad. i am not a conservative, but… really? no vox talent by either cyrus or thicke, really shows what auto tuning vocals can fix in the studio, and what they can’t when applied live. sure, they will get “views” from guys for the pornish quality, but not music buyers. that is the 12 years old girls, that will now see THIS example as “music” instead of a trashy flash of raunch.

  4. Go back and look at some of Madonna’s and Lady Gaga’s performances. Not to mention the language of most rappers. This is what the music industry has grown to become. We show up for the shows and buy the music. As long as we do it will keep on this direction.

  5. Not sexy, just pathetic.

  6. According to ABC News, the Will Smith family is reacting to the Lady Gaga performance, not the Miley Cyrus performance. That’s not to say they didn’t react the same way, but the above image is not a result of Miley.

  7. Sorry but this was one big mess.. The folks who put this POS together need to not work again.
    Miley came off as a poor white trash stripper wannabe who needs to stay down in the country…and Thike was just crass.

  8. That’s not true about friends. They GOT $1 mlliion per episode each. Charlie Sheen makes $2 mlliion per episode of two and a half men. The actors and actresses of friends decided not to continue same as Jerry did.

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