Verizon FiOS Seizes on CBS-Time Warner Cable Dispute as a Chance to Go After CBS Employees

Aug 20, 2013  •  Post A Comment

Verizon FiOS is betting that CBS employees are angry enough with Time Warner Cable — amid the blackout caused by a contract dispute between CBS and the cable operator — that they’ll switch TV providers, reports Joe Flint in the Los Angeles Times.

The blackout of CBS stations in Los Angeles, New York, Dallas and other markets is now in its third week, with little progress despite ongoing negotiations between the two parties.

"In a memo to staffers, CBS said Verizon FiOS is offering employees ‘exclusive discounts and special promotions.’ Verizon is even going to send sales teams to CBS offices in those cities this week to sign up new customers," Flint writes.

Flint adds: "During previous disputes between a programmer and distributor that led to a blackout, it was not unusual for a rival distributor to try to use the situation as an opportunity to pick up dissatisfied consumers."

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  1. Greed and opportunity, in no particular order, is what I love about this country

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