Video: Oprah Winfrey, in Doing Publicity for Her New Movie, ‘The Butler,’ Takes Time to Talk About the Trayvon Martin Case, Comparing It to One of the Most Heinous Crimes and Trials in Civil Rights History

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  1. Ms. O needs a history lesson. In one case the overwhelming evidence was ignored and the defendants walked. In the other the overwhelming evidence (in spite of the US Gov., president, AG, agitators and all mainstream media trying to coerce a conviction) acquitted Mr. Zimmerman.

  2. Emmett Till was not a thug. Unlike Trayvon Martin, he was not a young man who made obscene gestures in selfies. Mr. Till was a tragic figure. Mr Martin attacked an armed man who made the mistake of following a suspicious man when told not to. Tragic, but not the same at all, Oprah.

  3. Oprah needs to go back to the history books and get her facts right. Even if you think that Zimmerman was guilty of manslaughter, the facts of the two cases are not similar. Till was taken to a barn and beaten and then murdered with a shot to the head. His body was weighted with a 70-pound cotton gin fan tied around his neck with barbed wire. And then thrown into the Tallahatchie River.

  4. This is the most she has had to say since Michelle shut her down!

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