High-Profile Cable Drama Canceled

Sep 20, 2013  •  Post A Comment

A drama series that has been one of the most high-profile shows on its cable network has been canceled. The Los Angeles Times’ Show Tracker reports that BBC America canceled the series "Copper," which departed from the network’s usual path of airing shows that originated on the U.K.’s BBC or co-productions,

The drama, which won’t return for a third season, tells the American story of a 19th century New York City police officer. It was the network’s highest-rated drama when it was renewed last fall for a second season, the piece notes.

But since then, BBC America’s new science-fiction thriller "Orphan Black" has surpassed the historical drama. "Copper’s" second season will end Sunday night.


  1. Yeah; BBC America wouldn’t want to run the risk of having TWO high rated shows on in the same season…

  2. Breaks my heart that it was canceled. Have to say I agree with Denis. In this day and age where reality shows are easy and cheap to produce and are nothing but idiotic brain candy its sad to see scripted shows that were well done bite the dust.

  3. I’m crushed they canceled Copper. Love the cast, the drama, everything about it. It is a viscerally stunning show, the only one of it’s kind right now, in some ways it reminds me of HBO’s Deadwood. The television landscape is lessened by the loss of Copper.

  4. I can’t believe they are letting copper go! Come on! This show is watched by millions of fans each week; Why are you taking it from us? do you actually believe that breaking our hearts will make start watching shows you want us too just because they are rated higher! Well think again! I will not now or ever be watching Orphan Black! Keep Copper on We have invested in it from the very first episode, if you cancel it. that will make you know better than local networks like ABC, NBC, or CBS; just because the numbers don’t please you each week, there’s no reason to cancel it. We are still watching!!!!!

  5. Glad it got cancelled. Season 1 of COPPER was excellent. Season 2 had some of the most ridiculous writing in 2013. It was like they just pushed every button to try and shock. I spit on its grave.

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