Miley Cyrus Names the ‘Best Drug on Earth’ — and Admits She Uses It

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With her naked body already getting plenty of exposure thanks to her "Wrecking Ball" video, does Miley Cyrus have anything left to reveal? According to the New York Daily News, the answer is yes — and her new Rolling Stone cover feature is proof.

"In a new set of quotes released from Cyrus’ in-depth interview with the Oct. 10 issue of Rolling Stone magazine, the 20-year-old singer delves into her use of recreational drugs," the Daily News reports. "The former ‘Hannah Montana’ starlet told the edgy mag that ‘weed is the best drug on earth,’ and other substances such as cocaine and MDMA, also known as molly, don’t really hold a candle to marijuana."

Cyrus is quoted telling Rolling Stone contributing editor Josh Eells: "One time I smoked a joint with peyote in it, and I saw a wolf howling at the moon."

She adds: "Hollywood is a coke town, but weed is so much better. And molly, too. Those are happy drugs — social drugs. They make you want to be with friends. You’re out in the open. You’re not in a bathroom."

And: "I really don’t like coke. It’s so gross and so dark. It’s like, what are you, from the ’90s? Ew."

The Daily News adds: "Despite her slam on the ’90s, she did tell Rolling Stone that her controversial music video for ‘Wrecking Ball,’ in which she strips completely nude, was inspired by an icon from the decade, Sinead O’Connor, and her video for ‘Nothing Compares 2 U.’"

Says Cyrus: "I wanted it to be tough but really pretty — that’s what Sinead did with her hair and everything." The report notes that O’Connor was not naked in her video, but she was bald.

Another quote from the Cyrus interview reveals her ambivalence about being targeted by photographers: “I hate the paparazzi," she says, "but when they’re not sitting there waiting for you, you’re like ‘Who’s bigger news? Who are you trying to get a picture of?’”

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