Seth Green on Fox’s ‘Dads’: ‘There Has Not Been Any ACTUAL Controversy’

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"Dads" actor Seth Green came to the defense of the new Fox comedy, which has been accused of racism. Green wrote on a Reddit forum that he doesn’t believe people who have made the accusations have "really seen the show as a whole and are solely focusing on singular jokes without considering them in the context of the entire show."

Asked by one reader about the "controversy" surrounding the show’s jokes, Green wrote, "There has been a lot of discussion about critics saying that there is controversy, but there has not been any ACTUAL controversy."

He added: "And everyone needs to remember, this is a comedy, it’s not about making fun of people but it’s about having fun with the situations these people get into."

As previously reported, the Media Action Network for Asian Americans asked that Fox reshoot the pilot for "Dads," because of one scene in which an Asian-American female character played by Brenda Song dresses up in a Asian schoolgirl costume and giggles in an effort to please some Chinese businessmen.

On his Reddit forum, Green wrote: "The creators of the show are smart and clever, and we all grew up loving this kind of TV for being both a mirror to what we’re all going through, and also provocative enough to ask questions about why we behave the way we do."

Still, a bigger issue for the show might be its harsh reviews. The New York Times said the show suffers from a "lack of imagination," and complains that "hilarity does not ensue" in one comedic scene. The San Francisco Chronicle called it "the worst new show of the season."

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