Walter White’s House on ‘Breaking Bad’ Shows Up on Craigslist — But Will the Owners Sell?

Sep 30, 2013  •  Post A Comment

After the house that serves as Walter White’s home on "Breaking Bad" appeared in a real estate listing on Craigslist, the owners of the house told TMZ.com that they would never sell.

Fran and Louie Padilla have lived in the home since 1973, and said that the memories they have from living there and raising a family wouldn’t be worth any potential windfall — even though their house is receiving more than 1,000 visitors a month.

Realtors told the website that the market value of the home is about $150,000 to $200,000, and that its use on the show wouldn’t improve the value.

The AMC drama features the house’s exterior and backyard, although the interior scenes are shot on a sound stage.

Century 21 used the house in a marketing stunt this weekend, just before the drama aired its finale on Sunday, reports Advertising Age.

The real estate firm took out a fake ad on Craigslist for the home, giving it a price tag of $150,000 and describing it as an "Albuquerque Palace Waiting for You."

"In today’s media environment there’s only so many Super Bowls, only so many opportunities to capture the attention and imagination of a mass audience, and ‘Breaking Bad’s’ season finale was one of those moments," Matt Gentile, director of social media for Century 21, told Ad Age. "Walter’s house is like its own character on the show."


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