ABC Apologizes for ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Skit — Here’s the Video

Oct 29, 2013  •  Post A Comment

ABC has apologized for a skit on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" in which a child suggested that the population of China could be killed to fix America’s debt to the nation, reports TheWrap.com.

The skit involved a group of kids coming up with ideas about how America could erase its debt to the Asian nation. "Kill everyone in China," one child said in the skit, which aired last week. Other children offered what the article says were more "reasonable" methods, such as building a wall.

"We offer our sincere apology,” the network said. “We would never purposefully broadcast anything to upset the Chinese community, Asian community, anyone of Chinese descent or any community at large. Our objective is to entertain.”

ABC said it would edit out the skit from repeats of the episode, the piece adds.

Here’s the skit:


  1. SAD THAT NO RACE HAS A SENSE Of humor anymore and is offended by everything and we have to apologize for everything. This skit was hilarious!

  2. Jonathan Swift, in his essay A MODEST PROPOSAL, suggested that children be eaten to ease hunger amongst the lower classes.
    He better watch his ass nowadays…..

  3. Yes, we are sensitive aren’t we. Keep in mind that North Korea currently teaches school children that all Americans are evil and must die. China used to do it and so did Japan. So we have a child making an off handed childish remark and we should apologize for our country. How about this childish remark: Blow me!

  4. No sense of humor? Chinese people are plenty funny.
    Could be seen as legitimate satire, but in these race conscious times, what if the kid said,”Kill all the Jews”?
    Or what if the kid said, “Kill all the blacks”?
    You certainly would likely see a much louder reaction from B’nai Brith, NAACP, AIPACS, etc., etc.
    Producers probably thought the Chinese and Chinese Americans were just going to sit back and take it.
    Not anymore.
    Frankly, I’m all for Kimmel’s right to say what he did. But if you’re not willing to defend your satire, it’s just a BS joke.
    The Chinese/Chinese Americans spoke back.Speech is speech. You want more of it, prepare for debate. Engage. If you aren’t willing to do that, and if the best you can do is apologize, then so much for your satire. You went to war with a rubber knife. That’s funny.
    But Swift wouldn’t have apologized.

  5. If the kids had said kill all the Catholics the media would thinkwilhelm it was hilarious and Obama would say nothing.

  6. If the kids had said kill all the Catholics the media would think it was hilarious and Obama would quietly chuckle with Michelle and the girls.

  7. Nail on the head, EG. This whole, “it was just a joke, they should lighten-up” type of defense is only sufficient for the stupid.

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