‘Anthony Weiner Week’ Has Rival Broadcast Nets Ripping Story Lines From the Same Headlines

Oct 23, 2013  •  Post A Comment

In what one report calls "Anthony Weiner Week," two broadcast drama series are airing episodes this week that bear a resemblance to the case of the New York congressman who fell from grace over embarrassing "selfies."

"Two prime-time drama series announced they will air competing Weiner-esque storylines, political scientists have navel-lint gazed in press reports about the phenomenon, and The Reporters Who Cover Television are poised to break the news first, in re which Weiner Week episode played best with viewers in key demographic groups," Lisa de Moraes writes on Deadline.com, declaring: "It’s Anthony Weiner Week on broadcast TV!"

NBC’s "Law & Order: SVU" gets the ball rolling tonight, the report notes. "The long-running ‘Law & Order: SVU’ has done an episode about a guy running for New York mayor who is accused of sending naughty photos online to a 15-year-old female, using the name Enrique Trouble," de Moraes writes, adding that the "Law & Order" franchise "wrote the book on headline off-ripping."

She notes that a "relative newcomer" to ripped-from-the-headlines plots, ABC’s "Scandal," will also take a shot at the Weiner phenomenon this week. "Tomorrow night, that prime-time soap sees heroine/POTUS mistress Olivia Pope working with a sexting senator, who may be a murder suspect," the story reports.

The piece adds: "Of course, both storylines are far worse than the reality of Weiner’s life, though his life isn’t over yet — only his political one. In real life, Weiner resigned apologetically from Congress when illustrated sexting reports hit the media, after which he launched a bid to become mayor of NYC, which was derailed by more reports of continued sexting — mostly by his funny sexting pseudonym Carlos Danger."

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  1. Also, in the first season of Homeland, just weeks after Weiner’s first scandal, the plot called for the Marine controlled by terrorists to run for Congress and the position he ran for was vacated by a Congressman “Johnson” who was caught sending naked “selfies” (before anyone was calling them that).

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