Creator of ‘666 Park Avenue’ Sells Legal Thriller, Supernatural Western to Broadcast Nets

Oct 31, 2013  •  Post A Comment

David Wilcox, the creator of ABC’s "666 Park Avenue," has sold projects to both ABC and the CW, with the former a legal thriller and the latter a supernatural Western, reports The Hollywood Reporter’s Live Feed.

The ABC project, "Entrapment," focuses on a prosecutor who is accused of murder. She turns to her former professional adversary to help defend her against the charges, the story says. ABC has given it a put pilot commitment.

The CW project, "Badlands," is about a family haunted by vengeful ghosts, the story says. The project has received a script deal from the CW, and is in second position to "Entrapment."

"The sales come as broadcast development season winds down, with several of the networks lighter on drama fare this season. As The Hollywood Reporter reported in early September, the explosion of cable and digital outlets was causing a talent drain at the networks," the story says.



  1. “Badlands” sounds like it came from the RPG “Deadlands” released back in ’96

  2. I always liked 666 Park Avenue and always felt it got screwed getting stuck in Sunday night battling sports on other network. Black Widow (yea, I liked it too) got stuck in the same time slot and fell victim as well.
    Looking forward to Badlands!! At least, CW, tends to stick with some shows longer, allowing them to develop an audience.

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