Fox News Host Apologizes After False Report About Obama Funding a Muslim Museum

Oct 7, 2013  •  Post A Comment

A Fox News host issued an apology after "falsely reporting that President Obama would personally pay to keep the International Museum of Muslim Cultures open during the government shutdown," the Los Angeles Times reports.

The host is Anna Kooiman. "The ‘oops’ moment occurred Saturday on ‘Fox and Friends Weekend’ [see video clip below] during a conversation among Kooiman, Tucker Carlson and Clayton Morris about the controversial decision to temporarily close the World War II Memorial — along with many other parks, monuments and museums — due to the ongoing budget impasse," the Times reports.

Kooiman said on the show: "President Obama has offered to pay out of his own pocket for the museum of Muslim culture." She also noted that the Republican National Committee had offered to pay to keep the World War II Memorial open.

Said Kooiman: "It really doesn’t seem fair."

"Perhaps, but it’s also not true," the Times reports. "The false claim appears to have originated from a story published by the National Report, which has been described as a satirical news website but seems more about spreading misinformation than social critiques. (Judging from the comments on the original article, Kooiman was far from the only person to take the bait.)"

Kooiman said Sunday through her Twitter account: "Just met w producers- I made a mistake yday after receiving flawed research abt a museum possibly closing. My apologies. Won’t happen again." The Times adds: "She did not indicate exactly what the ‘flawed research’ was, nor did she specifically retract the claim about Obama."

The Times piece dated today also says: "The error has not yet been corrected on air, but will be addressed on the next broadcast of ‘Fox and Friends Weekend,’ according to a representative of the network."

Here’s a video that includes the false report:


  1. Typical of Faux (Fox) News. Say whatever you want then apologize later.
    Definitely fair and balanced. Definitely.

  2. Her Twitter feed is read by how many? As opposed to the numbers who saw her promulgate a bald-faced lie over the air?
    The point being, she’s spoken an untruth and it won’t be corrected to a similarly-sized audience until the next time the show is broadcast (if ever).
    Fox News is News like I’m the Queen of Romania.

  3. At least she did apologize for the mistake. Unlike Obama and crew who consistently lie and never admit it at all.
    President Obama said “if you like your insurance you will get to keep it”. That is a lie!! Due to Obamacare I just got a letter from Blue Cross and Blue Shield that says my BCBS insurance does not meet the requirements of Obamacare, so I can’t keep it and have to get a different insurance policy. I liked my insurance, as is, so more Democratic lies about Obamacare.
    So after passing Obamacare, we still don’t know what is in it until we get letters like the one I received.

  4. Oh because she reported something she heard that was unsubstantiated she is a liar and a perpetrator of Faux News. Of course when you have an unbalanced and unfair mind you only look at one side. Dan Rather anyone? Most of today’s journalists are lazy and undereducated. Many are partisan and unquestioning the result of “politically correct” educational systems. No more is about the five W’s, who, what, where, why and when.

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