Girl Quits Job at 4:30 a.m. by Leaving a Video for Her Boss and Becomes an Internet Sensation With More Than 4 Million Views. Watch It Now

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  1. What a waste of an apparently marginally talented kid with no clue. Obviously she “produced” her resignation video on company time and presumedly with company resources. So, she stole from her boss.
    Secondly, her whole reason for quitting was because she didn’t agree with her bosses desire for views rather than content. Hey call it views, eyeballs or Neilson ratings, that’s the way the real world works. Check out the news lately, there’s more about Miley than Putin or Obama. To me that’s not content, but it does get viewers, and that drives advertising and that means income.
    While I agree that content should be king, all she offers in her 4 million view video is a unique approach to quitting. There was no real content here, unless you call a talentless dancer stealing time and resources from her employer something of meaning. It was pure ‘shock value’ and nothing more.
    Thirdly, it makes me wonder what is being taught in schools and in homes. Where are her values? If she wanted to quit in this fashion, that’s her prerogative, but do it on your own time.
    Bottom Line: I’d never hire her, but as they used to say at my first TV job, “We wish luck in her future endeavors.”

  2. Alan, you are right on every count. But, I also understand her frustration. After 10 times the years she has spent in the business, I recently resigned for the same basic reasons. I hope her generation can turn it back to quality content instead of chasing the lowest common denominator. I resisted the flood tide of crap as long as possible, but the corporate mindset finally infected what I was doing to the point of time wasting for nose pickers that were running the show from a thousand miles away and had no clue as to what the audience wanted.

  3. It sounds like you’re her boss. Do you think we have her entire story for wanting to quit?! Of course not…don’t be so simpleminded. She’s brilliant and I’m confident enough to say I’d hire her in a heartbeat.

  4. I smell a hoax. This video has over 5 million views and she knows that it would get this reaction with that title. If the company produces videos, why would they have an office with a dozen or more cubicles unless they are really a call center that gets quantity over quality. If so, then she knows that is the bottom line and can’t possible be surprised by the goals.

  5. Patrice, I never said she wasn’t justified in quitting. Quitting is anyones prerogative. What i said was she clearly used company resources to producer her little demo. And that was/is wrong in my opinion. Therefore I wouldn’t hire her, as i could not trust her.
    As far as brilliant goes, if this video is what passes for brilliant than the industry is sunk. It’s a video of a frustrated and perhaps spoiled “little girl” acting childishly in a professional environment. In my opinion there’s NOTHING brilliant about it. Unless of course it came from Jimmy Kimmel and we’ve all been had.
    As to your remark calling me simpleminded. That’s quite an assumption to make about someone from one post. I implore you to point out where I’m being simpleminded. We may have a difference of opinion, but that does not call for character assumptions or acquisitions.

  6. I don’t see anything brilliant or extraordinarily creative about this video at all. Sounds like it was a difficult job, as many jobs are particularly in the current climate of the world. This is basically fairly boring to me. I don’t see the big deal here at all.

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