For Whom the Bell Tolls: Bombshell Announcement as One of the Most Well-Known Reporters on TV — After Becoming the Signature Anchor and Host at Another News Network for the Past 20 Years — Jumps to the Fox Business Network

Nov 18, 2013  •  Post A Comment

One of the most popular reporters on TV —  and already a member of the Cable Hall of Fame — is joining the Fox Business Network.

"This is a total bombshell for the financial media world," reports Business Insider, continuing, "CNBC’s…Maria Bartiromo is headed to Fox Business Network, Matt Drudge first reported while she was anchoring ‘Closing Bell’ this afternoon."

Oddly, Drudge’s original report isn’t available online anymore. Instead, Drudge links to this Business Insider article.

The Business Insider article continues, with this statement from CNBC: "After 20 years of groundbreaking work at CNBC, Maria Bartiromo will be leaving the company as her contract expires on November 24th. Her contributions to CNBC are too numerous to list but we thank her for all of her hard work over the years and wish her the best."

The article also notes that our former colleague and good friend here at Crain Communications, Claire Atkinson, who’s now at the New York Post, wrote this past summer in the Post that Bartiromo was talking to both Fox Business and CNN.

Maria Bartiromo.jpgMaria Bartiromo 


  1. Bombshell announcement? Never heard of this person…but then, who watches CNBC? And who watches Fox Business Network? We will continue to never hear about this person.

  2. Who?

  3. I have not owrked in television for over a decade, nor do I have any interest in the business of Wall Street (I don’t even own a single share of stock) and yet I have known about Bartiromo for years! Does the nickname “Money Honey” mean anything to you?
    And you guys say you work in television?

  4. With NBC NY (and which other markets) relegating her syndicated show to 5am Sunday mornings (after its loss of WSJ affiliation)you knew this was happening!

  5. If you don’t know her now, you will once she moves. Fox News knows how to use their people. Whether you agree with their evening hosts opinions or not, the news network will use her prominently and she will become a household name again like she was when she was known as the Money Honey. A good move by her.

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