Former Disney Star Involved in Hit-and-Run — One Day Before Arraignment on DUI Charge

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A former Disney Channel star was reportedly involved in a four-car hit-and-run crash early Tuesday. TMZ.com reports that actor Jake T. Austin, who played Max Russo on “Wizards of Waverly Place,” was involved in the incident.

The incident reportedly took place one day before Austin is scheduled to face arraignment on a DUI charge stemming from an earlier incident.

In the latest mishap, a 2010 Audi reportedly crashed into three parked cars in Sherman Oaks, Calif., around 3 a.m., with the Audi registered to Austin, the story says. Witnesses said after the driver hit the parked cars, someone inside the vehicle threw a bottle of alcohol out the window. Then the two people inside the car reportedly called a black car service to pick them up.

In a separate story, TMZ reports that Austin, 18, was the driver of the car, but because he wasn’t at the scene when police arrived, he won’t be prosecuted for drunk driving.

“But drinking aside, Austin is still in trouble for leaving the scene of an accident without providing identifying information … which constitutes a hit-and-run. But Jake’s lawyer pulled off some legal acrobatics that could get Jake off the hook,” the story says.

“We’re told the lawyer called cops at 4 a.m. and told them Jake was the owner of the car. Cleverly, the lawyer did NOT disclose the fact that Jake was the driver … so as not to violate the attorney-client privilege, especially important because leaving the scene is a crime,” the TMZ report notes.

The actor reportedly left because both of the car’s occupants were injured and went to seek medical care, the story says. Austin reportedly had an injury to his mouth, and received stitches at the ER, the piece adds.

TMZ also reports that Austin was arrested last month on a DUI charge.

"Law enforcement sources tell us, Austin was arrested October 8th by the CHP after being pulled over for driving at night without headlights," the website reports. "We’re told police officers smelled booze as they approached his vehicle, administered a field sobriety test and Austin did poorly."

The teenager is reportedly scheduled for arraignment today on the DUI.

Austin is currently one of the stars of the ABC Family series "The Fosters."

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