‘Hatfields & McCoys’ Actor Files Lawsuit Accusing History of ‘Reckless, Careless, Callous and Oppressive Acts’

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An actor on History’s hit "Hatfields & McCoys" has sued the network, alleging reckless misconduct and breach of contract for injuries he incurred after being thrown from a horse on the set, reports Deadline.com.

Tom McKay’s suit alleges in part: "The subject horse became uncontrollable again during filming of a scene, bolted, and subsequently threw Plaintiff into a tree, resulting in serious and permanent injuries and harm to Plaintiff."

The actor, whose credits include the Starz series "The White Queen," is seeking unspecified damages for suffering and anguish, loss of earnings and earnings capacity, and medical costs, the story says. On the "Hatfields & McCoys" McKay played Jim McCoy.

The show’s star and producer, Kevin Costner, isn’t named in the lawsuit, although others involved in the production are, including director Kevin Reynolds, the piece adds.

McKay’s action seeks to punish the defendants, with the complaint alleging: “The reckless, careless, callous, and oppressive acts of defendants, and each of them, as set forth herein-above, are sufficient to warrant the imposition of punitive and exemplary damages against said defendants in an amount sufficient to punish and make an example of them."

The report adds: "In the detailed filing, McKay claims unsafe conditions on the Romanian set, as well as knowing of violent mistreatment of the horses used by the production by improperly trained handlers. He also alleges: ‘Defendants, by and through their authorized managing agents, including Leslie Grief, Kevin Reynolds, Chris Landry, and Razvan Piu, and other of defendant’s managing officers/agents, intentionally misrepresented to Plaintiff that their horses were safe, well behaved, and were suitable for riding by Plaintiff.’”

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