Latest Alec Baldwin Scandal Puts His New MSNBC Show in Jeopardy

Nov 18, 2013  •  Post A Comment

Alec Baldwin’s new MSNBC show was placed on suspension — and may not return at all — after a scandal erupted last week in which the actor reportedly made anti-gay remarks to a photographer. Deadline.com reports that the cable channel placed the show on a two-week suspension because of the incident.

Baldwin is saying that he and the show might not return at all after the suspension ends, the story reports.

As previously reported, Baldwin apparently chased and threatened a photographer outside his Manhattan apartment, reportedly calling the man a "c**ksucking f*g." Baldwin later said he actually called the photographer a "fathead."

On his blog, which is published on The Huffington Post, Baldwin wrote, "Whether the show comes back at all is at issue right now." He added, "But if the show dies, its fate ends up being no different than the vast majority of start-up TV programming, and so be it. We do take a small amount of pride in knowing that we beat CNN in the ratings each of our nights. (I forget who they had on at that time.)"

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  1. I like the way numbnuts gets in women’s faces. Notice he hasn’t the b*lls to do that to a male.

  2. This is Alex Baldwin.
    He got angry and chased a papperazo.
    That is not news that is Tuesday.
    If that is all it takes to get a show cancelled then why give him a show in the first place.
    Nobody is watching at 10pm on Friday, anyhow.
    Bring Back Dick Cavett.

  3. Yeah, Alec, “the vast majority of start-up TV programming” dies, but not because their host is easily caught on camera throwing out hate slurs.

  4. Wow who do we root for, here? Ha Ha
    I like his work as an actor, not so much his offscreen persona but I can easily divorce one from the other.
    ON the other hand, paprarazzi are scumbags for the most part and I’d probably want to yell at and/or punch them, too. Just glad I am ugly and obscure, is what I’m saying.
    Frankly if he’s pulling a number MSNBC should keep him. They need all the numbers they can get and the old adage as “no such thing as bad press” applies here, I think.
    What are they gonna pretend to have integrity, now? Gimme a break. Are the gonna apologize to everyone their personalities slander? That may be a good way to fill most of their prime-time hours, then, ha.
    Just have him apologize and explain himself on air (tenderly, and with feeling like an actor of his caliber should be able to pull off quite convincingly) and go on with their day.

  5. Worthless POS!

  6. alex said lockpicking fathead cause he would never ever swear..that lying sack of sh!t

  7. He is a lying pig. He will never quit show biz. His ego is too big and and he is to big a pig. What the hell is he doing having a baby at his age. His kid will graduate college when he is like 75. His wife just wants security and he fell for it. Stupid pig what a waste of a person.

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