TV Hunter in Viewers’ Crosshairs After Posting Pic of Herself With Her Latest Kill — Here’s the Photo

Nov 22, 2013  •  Post A Comment

A TV hunter enraged viewers by posting a photo of herself with her latest kill after what she calls "an incredible day hunting in South Africa."

TheWrap.com reports that Melissa Bachman is now the target of a petition asking Dish Network, DirecTV and the Pursuit Channel to pull her hunting show, “Winchester Deadly Passion."

As of Friday morning, more than 76,000 people had signed the petition, which was sparked by Bachman posting a photo of herself with a mature lion she had shot in South Africa.

“Trophy hunting is despicable and counters any efforts of conservation," the petition states. "These photos represent Bachman’s complete disrespect for nature and we do NOT want her influencing our children and being promoted by TV networks."

Bachman killed the lion during a guided hunt, with South Africa’s Maroi conservancy saying that she had had a lion on her “wish list” for the hunt.

“We are not apologizing for facilitating the hunt. As for all the negative commentary towards us, please consider how much you have contributed to conservation in the past 5 years,” the conservancy said in a Facebook post. “If you are not a game farmer and struggling with dying starving animals, poaching and no fences in place to protect your animals and crop, please refrain from making negative, derogatory comments.”

The National Geographic Channel dropped Bachman from “Ultimate Survival Alaska” last year after an online petition, the story notes.

Bachman wrote in a tweet accompanied by the photo below: “An incredible day hunting in South Africa! Stalked inside 60-yards on this beautiful male lion … what a hunt!

"My first Nyala in South Africa … what a beautiful place and incredible weather!! I’m loving it here …”

Among those commenting was comedian Ricky Gervais, who tweeted: "’@MelissaBachman: incredible day in South Africa! Stalked this male lion…what a hunt! pic.twitter.com/Gerc9AfmGo’ spot the typo"

Here’s the photo from Bachman’s Twitter account:

Melissa-Bachman-twitter-lion trophy.jpg


  1. And the silence of killing the unborn is deafening!

  2. Melissa Bachman is such a great hunter! Everyone needs to get off her back… for crying out loud! Seriously, the poor woman had to wear camouflage and only had a military grade assault rifle that was fitted with a high-powered scope. It was obvious & clear the lion had a huge advantage over her with those sharp teeth and claws. That away Melissa! Keep those vicious animals honest! May I suggest you go after the one you see in the mirror.

  3. You mean a hunter (gasp!) kills animals?
    Get a life, people.

  4. Mr. Wonderful. It’s such a joy hearing from the uninformed. Clearly you don’t have a clue. Please explain to me what “military grade assault rifle” do you see? Were you present during the hunt? Do you have more details that we aren’t being told? When you get educated on hunting or proper hunting apparel, or even what sort of weapon you should use while hunting, my I suggest you crawl back under the that tiny little rock from which you came?

  5. I wouldn’t mind this if she was kneeling next to a dead poacher or 2. Now THAT would have been a fair hunt and one worth doing.

  6. …or a lib or two.

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