Video: ‘Daily Show’s’ Jon Stewart Lashes Out at Fox News

Nov 4, 2013  •  Post A Comment

Fox News has been bringing up Jon Stewart’s name a lot lately, and now Stewart is doing something about it.

Stewart took aim at Fox News Channel on Comedy Central’s "The Daily Show" after Fox News used Stewart’s jokes about the glitch-laden rollout of the Obamacare health-insurance exchange as evidence of Americans’ anger about the law, reports the Los Angeles Times’ Show Tracker.

In footage played by Stewart on Thursday’s "Daily Show," a Fox News host said of the Affordable Care Act rollout, "If you’ve lost Jon Stewart you’re in deep trouble."

Stewart ridiculed the network for its claim, saying: "Don’t act like us making jokes about a certain program or president is evidence that that politician or issue has reached some kind of tipping point for action." He cited previous attacks by the show on George W. Bush, noting that Bush’s presidency "survived" the onslaught.

Backed by a gospel chorus, Stewart reiterated the point, saying: "Don’t you use our jokes as evidence that the thing you hate must be stopped because I’m sure when we joke about [something] you like, you’re more than happy to ignore it."

The chorus adds this, seemingly aimed at Fox News: "Go [bleep] yourself."

Fox News declined to comment, the story notes.

Here’s the "Daily Show" segment:

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