Cher, in Her Early Days, Reportedly Hired an Aide to Assure People She Was Female

Dec 23, 2013  •  Post A Comment

One of Cher’s biggest challenges when she was starting her career was to convince audiences she was female because of her deep voice, reports the New York Post’s Page Six, citing a book written by Josiah Howard titled “Cher: Strong Enough.”

The belief that she was a man was so entrenched that she and her husband and business partner Sonny Bono hired a secretary to convince fans that she was female, the story says.

“Just three months after they hit the big time, Sonny and Cher’s … secretary was charged with responding to each and every inquiry, even those from fans, to refute the rumor,” the book notes.

One letter written by the secretary in 1965 reportedly said: “Cher, we assure you, is a girl. She is 19 years old and happily married to Sonny (who is 25) [Bono was actually 30]. As for Cher’s singing voice being too low: I think you will find that a lot of great female singers have low voices. … Tell your mom that Cher is just a very slim, very pretty girl with a low voice. I think if you listen closer, you will find a lot of feminine quality in her voice.”


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  1. I notice no pretext for any gender confusion.

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