Police Documents Show Toronto Mayor Rob Ford May Have Offered $5,000 and a Car for ‘Crack Video’; Ford Is Reportedly Seen ‘On the Pipe’ and May Have Used Heroin

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"Toronto Mayor Rob Ford may have offered $5,000 and a car to two men trying to sell a video of him smoking what appears to be crack cocaine seven weeks before the video was revealed in the media, according to newly revealed portions of a police document," the Canadian publication National Post reports.

The report adds: "Toronto police were in the midst of a large drugs-and-guns probe targeting an alleged street gang when secretly recorded conversations led investigators to believe Mr. Ford may have not only known an incriminating video of him existed, but also tried to buy it."

The report cites the following new allegations that the publication says surfaced in the police investigation:

"One of the men suspected of peddling the ‘crack video’ of Mr. Ford said he also had pictures of the mayor ‘doing the hezza,’ usually used as a slang term for heroin;

"Alleged gang members said they were not afraid of the mayor turning them in to police because they had pictures of him ‘on the pipe’;

"The mayor’s close friend and occasional driver, Alexander Lisi, used purported influence over police as leverage in dealing with a gang, saying if he didn’t get his way ‘the mayor would put heat on Dixon,’ which was the gang’s territory;

"The mayor’s cellphone was stolen while he was at a crack house after late-night calls were made arranging a drug delivery ‘because Rob Ford wants some drugs’;

"Lisi exchanged marijuana to an alleged gang member for the return of Mr. Ford’s stolen phone;

"Mr. Ford appears to have been set up by drug dealers who filmed him consuming drugs knowing it could be valuable, raising the spectre of blackmail;

"A man involved with alleged drug dealers said they ‘love and respect Rob Ford’ but also ‘have Rob Ford on a lot of fucked up situations’ so the mayor’s friends should be careful."

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