Sarah Palin Gets a TV Show

Dec 9, 2013  •  Post A Comment

Former Alaska Gov. and conservative lightning rod Sarah Palin will be the host of a new television series, according to an announcement today from Sportsman Channel.

The program, "Amazing America with Sarah Palin," is part of the cable network’s "Red, Wild & Blue America" programming effort, with the channel dubbing Palin its "First Lady of the Outdoors." The show is an anthology series focusing on the nation’s outdoors lifestyle, and is set to premiere in April 2014.

Said Palin: "I’m excited to help shine a light on all the great American sportsmen and women in the country who live the outdoors lifestyle. Sportsman Channel is the leader in their industry and I am thrilled to be partnering with them on this show."

Please click here to read the press release from Sportsman Channel, with additional details about the new programming.

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  1. I hope she tries to cuddle up to a Bear.

  2. I know that I will NOT be watching.

  3. Unless of course “Triumph the Insult Dog” takes a poop on her…

  4. OMG…the word absurd just got LARGER.
    She belongs in a room marked “Studio”. She goes in, it locks from the outside and contains an SD Video camera and a microphone. The wires from each lead to no where.
    Oh it’s sound proof too.
    You’re welcome.
    Peter Bright

  5. Why all the hate?

  6. How long before she quits this, too?
    It will be a race to see if she gets canceled before she gets tired of doing it and quits.
    Let’s see…went to 5 (or maybe 6) different colleges before managing to graduate, lasted a bit over 2 years as Governor of Alaska before resigning, had her show on TLC canceled…
    Yup, Snow Snooki can’t seem to finish anything she starts.

  7. No doubt she will capturing those rare moments when her party participants apply Lipstick To a Pig!

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