The Five Best ‘SNL’ Skits of 2013

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We found this on Salon.com. It was first published on Pajiba. It’s written by Dustin Rowles, and appeared before the past “Saturday Night LIve” episode hosted by Jimmy Fallon: “It’s been a wildly uneven season of SNL, and it’s hard to say that any one episode has been a wild success (Kerry Washington’s turn as host was likely the best of the season), but the high points have been incredibly high, displaying the potential [the show] has once it moves past its rebuilding season. Even the worst episodes (Ed Norton, John Goodman) have featured something that made the episode worthwhile (at least for those who only watch highlights the next morning).”

The story adds, “As the best 5 videos of the year so far suggest, it’s time to let Taran, Kyle Mooney, and Jay Pharaoh take the lead. (Note, too, that all five are pre-taped, which might also say something about the current cast’s improvisational skills, or lack thereof.)”

Number 5 is “We Did Stop” — “It didn’t work for everyone, but Miley Cyrus’ raunchy music video, which came during the midst of the government shutdown (and a week after Cyrus’ MTV VMA’s appearance) was, I thought, the edgiest political piece the show has done all season (if not all year).”

No. 4 was “E-Meth” — “This is how you take advantage of an Aaron Paul cameo the week before the Breaking Bad finale.”

No. 3 was “My Girl?” — “Jay Pharaoh hasn’t been on the show that long, but he’s already one of the more senior members of the cast, and his screentime has tripled this season.”

No. 2 was “Ice Cream” — Kyle Mooney’s dreamy, bizarre, nonsensical and hilarious sketch.

No. 1 was “Wes Anderson’s Horror Trailer” — A perfect send-up of Wes Anderson that paid tribute to the director as much as it mocked him.

To see the videos for Nos. 2-5, please click on either of the two links above. Here’s No. 1, “Wes Anderson’s Horror Trailer”:

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