The Tills Are Alive: ABC Jockeys for a Piece of the ‘Sound of Music’ Action

Dec 12, 2013  •  Post A Comment

ABC plans to elbow in on the current popularity of “The Sound of Music" after NBC’s recent live production sparked a wave of interest in the venerable musical. TheWrap.com reports that the Alphabet Network plans to air the original Academy Award-winning 1965 film over four hours on Dec. 22.

The move comes after NBC generated huge ratings for its live version of the musical, which starred “American Idol” winner Carrie Underwood and “True Blood” star Stephen Moyer. The live broadcast drew 18.5 million viewers, more than NBC had expected, and the network plans to re-air the program Saturday, Dec. 14.

The 1965 film, which won five Oscars, stars Julie Andrews as Maria — the role Underwood played in the NBC production. NBC’s casting of Underwood drew considerable criticism, as TVWeek Open Mic writer Chuck Ross noted in a recent blog entry examining the production’s artistic problems.

“But of course, most viewers are better acquainted with the Andrews film," TheWrap notes. "And if you’re not, ABC’s airing can take care of that."

julie andrews-sound of music.jpgJulie Andrews in "The Sound of Music"


  1. The live production of “The Sound of Music” drew the large ratings because of Carrie Underwood (and her singing).
    Had NBC cast another actress, with more acting experience, they wouldn’t have gotten the 18.5 million viewers they did.
    Something NBC might want to consider for their next live production.

  2. I think Carrie did a wonderful job and it was about time this movie received an upgrade.

  3. So glad to see how TV viewers have responded so positively to Sound of Music Live – despite the snarks of most critics. Carrie Underwood sung her little heart out. It’s so unfair to compare the film with Julie Andrews to this much more modest TV production, which is more akin to the original Broadway show. My hat off both NBC and ABC for providing quality family entertainment as an alternative to the reality show crap that pervades our TVs.

  4. ABC presents the film version of “The Sound of Music” every year around Christmas, Why are they making it sound like, it’s because of NBC’s live version?

  5. ABC does air The Sound of Music, the original, every year around Christmas, and has for years. ABC announced the airdate of this year’s airing back in November, way before the airing of NBC’s LIVE performance. Bad reporting (do your research) – ABC is not “elbowing” in on the current popularity of NBC’s special – ABC has been doing this long before NBC jumped on board!

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