CNBC Exec Who Battled Dylan Ratigan Gets the Boot

Jan 24, 2014  •  Post A Comment

One of the top executives at CNBC is reportedly headed out the door. The New York Post’s Page Six reports that the cable channel opted not to renew the contract of Susan Krakower, senior vice president of strategic programming and development.

CNBC President Mark Hoffman reportedly told Krakower she’s “too hard on the furniture,” meaning too rough on the talent, the story says.

Krakower is known for a battle with former CNBC host Dylan Ratigan, who said about her during a commercial break, “If you want to pull me off the show, please do. [You are] rude and disrespectful,” according to the piece. Ratigan left the network shortly after that incident, the report notes.

Krakower is said to be in talks to join Morgan Stanley, although a CNBC representative said she remains under contract at the network, according to the report.

susan krakower.pngSusan Krakower


  1. Susan Krakower is a certified nut case. The employees at CNBC jumped for joy when she got the boot. Good riddance and I feel sorry for the employees of whatever company she unfortunately lands at.

  2. The rumors of the crazy, entitlement, belittling coworkers, and generally just being mean are true.

  3. I’d love to get to see the episode in Nov 2008 when Obama had been elected and “Fast Money” had both Dylan Ratigan and Austen Goolsbee debating what Obama should do to discipline the big crooked Banks that had caused the 2008/9 market crash, which was the greatest ‘negative externality cost’ dumping scam in history — by turning not Lead, but paper, into Gold in the form of junk CDOs, CDSs, and other scam derivatives.

    That show and Dylan’s performance in tearing Austan a new orifice (because Austan was quietly trying — like a “Quiet American” — to avoid losing his chance for a position in the new Obama administration).

    IMHO, that loud dust-up, debate, and shouting match was the most revealing thing ever shown on TV, to ‘we the American people’ — in exposing the massively criminal nature of this now vastly expanded Disguised Global Crony Capitalist Racist Propagandist Ecocidal & War-Starting EMPIRE

    The video evidence must be available to “these ‘Times’ they are a-changin” (but slowly). Maybe, just maybe, the stroy of our country (and world) being effed will come-out from someone like Oliver Stone?

    There are plenty of people in the know who know what this damned EMPIRE is doing to eff us all.

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