Deputies Raid Justin Bieber’s House, Arrest a Friend of the Singer

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Pop singer Justin Bieber got a surprise visit from sheriff’s investigators today at his mansion in Calabasas, Calif., and while they were there to investigate a complaint by a neighbor who alleged Bieber had egged his house, they made an arrest after reportedly finding cocaine in "plain view," the Los Angeles Times reports.

A friend of Bieber, Lil Za, was arrested, according to E! Online.

The Times report quotes L.A. County Sheriff’s Lt. Dave Thompson saying: "The cocaine I believe was in plain view of the deputies when they were looking for the other evidence."

The report adds: "Labeling Bieber a suspect in Thursday’s egging incident, sheriff’s detectives served a felony search warrant looking for ‘video surveillance or other relevant evidence’ in the case.

"Sheriff’s officials said the incident had been classified as a felony because the homeowner reported the value of the damage to his house at $20,000."

Said Thompson: "The felony comes from the dollar amount of the damage. This residence sustained a great amount of damage that easily achieved the amount. I get that the eggs don’t seem that significant, but it does rise to the level of a felony."

The Times report adds: "A dozen detectives searched Bieber’s home beginning at 8 a.m., Thompson said. During the search, eight people, including the singer, were detained inside the home.

"Thompson said the size of the search team was due to the unpredictability of what they might find. But in this case, he said, everyone was cooperative."

Bieber reportedly had a security detail on hand during the search but did not have a lawyer present.

Thompson added: "I don’t believe Mr. Bieber answered any questions."

The Times report notes: "The victim of the egg incident was Bieber’s next-door neighbor, and the incident left significant damage to the paint, wood and brick, Thompson said."

Bieber reportedly remains a suspect in the egging incident.

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