‘Hot Bench,’ Created by Judge Judy Sheindlin, Is a Go for Fall 2014

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CBS Television Distribution has sold the half-hour strip "Hot Bench," from Judge Judy Sheindlin, to stations covering 75% of the U.S., B&C reports, with the project reportedly a go for fall 2014.

"CTD has secured sales to the CBS Television Stations, Tribune Broadcasting Company, Sinclair Broadcast Group, Cox Media Group, Meredith Corp., LIN Television Corp., Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Journal Broadcast Group, Gray Television and Cowles Publishing Company," the story reports.

In a statement, Armando Nunez, president and CEO of the CBS Global Distribution Group, said: “Judy Sheindlin has been a very important part of the CBS family for many years, and everyone at our company is excited to launch this new show and bring Judy’s creative vision to the air. Court has traditionally been a strong performer for stations, and we’re sure this unique take on the genre will be a great addition to the lineups of our station partners.”

In an interview, Sheindlin said: “I think good, entertaining court still has a fascination for the public. I think that what will interest people about these three judges is that they all come to the show with a perspective.”

"Sheindlin said she thought of the idea for ‘Hot Bench’ — a term used to refer to an active and engaged judge and also considered as the title for the show that is now ‘Judge Judy’ — while on vacation in Ireland with her husband, Judge Jerry Sheindlin," the story reports.

Said Judy Sheindlin: “We visited the Supreme Court in Ireland, which is a three-judge bench and the chief judge is a woman. I thought that would translate into an interesting concept for the next show in the court genre."

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  1. So excited for this show. I love u judge judy. Is this show being taped in NYC. I hope so as I would love to come see it. Can’t wait

  2. Is there air time schedule of days and times as well as stations? If so, I would be interested in having them because I am looking forward to the show. Thank you.

  3. In my opinion the show is a joke. Three so-called judges and a pistol packing court clerk, you have to be kidding. Why not four judges or maybe five. How about nine like the Supreme Court. You give Judge Judy millions of dollars over the years to pretend to dispense justice for T.V. ratings. Obviously I’m not a fan of her program or the new one she created. It’s like the WWE. Watching once was too many.

  4. I agree with Daryl Hanson, 100%. The woman is supposed to dispense her verdict according to the law only, not to include her personal feelings of the litigants before her. Because of the show and the time it’s been on television, the woman has become a legend , but “ONLY IN HER OWN MIND”. She has no right to belittle anybody. She gets respect, because of her title, and she demands that respect, but feels she doesn’t have to return that respect, to her litigants.. She needs to remember, she was not born with that title, it was given to her and it can be taken away. She is a “RUDE & OBNOXIOUS” person. As for me, I was brought up to respect the person, not the title, which I always have done. It seems to me that, J.S. thinks she is a very “SPECIAL” individual. There is no one on this earth, anymore special than any other person. I have no use for this person, what’s or ever. To me, she is just another ordinary human being on this earth. Anyone who wants to bow down to her, may do so, but I never will.

    P.S. The three people on her new show, “HOT BENCH” are just as rude and obnoxious as she is. No use for them either.

  5. I agree this show is very hard to watch, the judges are so rude and always trying to top the other on how much ruder they can be. Very unprofessional in my opinion there are better shows out there that I choose to watch. Like The People’s Court. Judge Millian gets it right while being very professional and compassionate with a bit of sass & humor at times, and always insists on respect in her court room!!

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