Jerry Seinfeld Confirms Some Sort of ‘Seinfeld’ Reunion. George Is Involved, as Is Larry David. Yada Yada. Could It Have Something to Do With the Super Bowl? Leno’s Last Night? Fallon’s First Night? Or?

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Jerry Seinfeld has confirmed a "Seinfeld" reunion as part of a secret project.

Appearing today, Thursday, Jan. 30, 2013, on WFAN radio’s “Boomer & Carton” show in New York, Seinfeld was asked about the fact that he and Jason Alexander were photographed outside Tom’s Restaurant at 112th and Broadway earlier this month. The exterior of Tom’s was used for the fictional "Monk’s" restaurant in the long-running "Seinfeld" series.

Seinfeld said during the radio show appearance that the upcoming reunion is unrelated to his ongoing Web series "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee."

The following is from a news story that has been posted on the CBS New York website:

"Boomer & Carton" producer Al Dukes somehow convinced [Jerry Seinfeld] to participate in a game of 20 questions.

Was it filmed?

“Yes it was. It was filmed.”

Were other Seinfeld characters involved?

“Yes there were.”

Was it a short-form or a long-form filming?

“It’s a short-ish form.”

Was Jason Alexander playing George or himself?


Was Larry David involved?

“He was involved.”

Was he on camera?


Was his voice heard?


When will we see this?

“Very, very soon.”

Was this a one-and-done or will there be more?

“I think it’s one-and-done.”

Is it longer than 60 seconds?


Was Jason surprised to get the phone call for this?

“No, he remembers that he played that character for many years. He was not surprised that he was asked to play George.”

This filming, was it all done at the table?

“No, there were other locations.”

Seinfeld’s apartment?


So there you have it. Sort of.

Perusing the Internet we’ve seen a number of suggestions that this "reunion" of sorts may have something to do with programming or a commercial in or surrounding the Super Bowl, which will be broadcast, on Fox, this coming Sunday, Feb. 2, from the New York area.

Thinking of other momentous events coming up, we here at TVWeek wonder whether this special project may have something to do with Jay Leno’s final night as host of the "Tonight" show, or, similarly, Jimmy Fallon’s first night as Jay’s successor. Or maybe something to do with the upcoming Winter Olympics on NBC? That one we doubt.

jason alexander-jerry seinfeld-NYC.jpgJason Alexander, left, and Jerry Seinfeld in New York recently in front of Tom’s Restaurant

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