Telenovela Star, Former Miss Venezuela, Killed in Robbery Attempt

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A telenovela actress and her ex-husband were shot and killed in front of their 5-year-old daughter Monday night while reportedly resisting a robbery attempt in Venezuela, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Monica Spear, 29, a former Miss Venezuela, and Henry Thomas Berry, 39, were killed on a roadside after their car broke down. near Puerto Cabello, the story reports, citing a statement from the prosecutor’s office.

"It said their daughter was in stable condition after getting medical attention for unspecified injuries. Local media reports said the couple had a good relationship despite being divorced and were awaiting a tow truck when attacked," THR reports.

The report adds: "Spear was crowned Miss Venezuela in 2004 and had acted in numerous soap operas for Telemundo, most recently ‘Pasion Prohibida.’ She split her time between Venezuela and the United States and was on vacation when slain."

The report notes that Venezuela "has one of the world’s highest murder rates and violent crime is so rampant that Venezuelans tend to stay home after dark. Spear’s death triggered a wave of anger on social media directed at the populist government’s poor record on crime."

monica spear.jpgMonica Spear


  1. Venezuela has an total ban on private gun ownership. That means only criminals have guns! They had about 25,000 legal private gun registrations before the ban but estimate that there are 10 million guns in private hands in the country. So now the bad guys know people like these tragic victims are easy targets who can’t defend themselves. At least some people are getting it right. The Detroit police chief last week said more concealed carry permits will lower crime in Detroit.

  2. More guns equal more violence…

  3. Question, how many murders in Venezuela last year? We had 30,000 in America. 300 or so in the UK…and we are three times there size. Even adjusting for that, we should have had about…900. We had 30,000. Again, how many murders in Venezuela…with all those bad guys with guns?

  4. You made up these numbers! Gun deaths in US are at about 8,200 (not 30,000!) and are almost identical to the number in 1976 almost 40 years ago. In that time the ownership of guns in the US has dramatically increases. So no correlation of more guns more violence – you made that up too! The facts always show that legal gun ownership lowers crime and violence – always. Check the facts not the emotional noise coming from libs that have no idea what they ate talking about.

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