Bad News for Anyone Who Wants the Kardashians to Just Go Away: The Family Has a Deal in Place That Will Keep Them on TV for Years

Feb 14, 2014  •  Post A Comment

The family that has almost single-handedly redefined fame isn’t going away anytime soon. TMZ.com reports that the Kardashian family is ready to sign another multi-season agreement with E! — and this one will be worth more than their current one.

TMZ calls the current deal — a $40 million pact signed in 2012, when E! renewed "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" for another three seasons — "what was then the richest reality TV deal ever."

Details on the new agreement are sketchy, and sources weren’t saying whether it has been signed or was still being negotiated, TMZ notes, adding: "But it’s definitely far enough along that everyone knows the show will be back."

As reported previously, the show is expected to be without Bruce Jenner after the current season. Jenner has denied that he’s leaving the show, according to some media reports, but TMZ is certain that he is.

"E! is quoting Bruce as saying the story that he’s leaving the show is fabricated," TMZ reports. "We can tell you … Bruce WILL NOT be part of the show after this season … period."

The TMZ report adds that Jenner is leaving the show to "spend more time doing the other things he loves. Production sources acknowledge Bruce was ‘fatigued’ and hated the criticism that went along with the show.

"He’ll be missed — but sources tell us, producers aren’t concerned about his departure … he was not a major character."

Season 9 is currently airing, and the new deal will take the show into season 11 and beyond, the story reports, adding: "As one production source put it, ‘It is a HUGE show.’"

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  1. For the love of God, please let this show about the Kardashians GO AWAY! They are famous for being famous or being married to someone famous. They don’t sing, dance or act. For that matter they have no discernible talent other than posing for the camera. There is absolutely no reason for any of these women to be relevant in the media!

  2. Please make these people go away!!! For the love of God PLEASE!!! Kourtney and Kim are going to keep having babies for more reality shows. Believe me they are already grooming their daughter for the next of their Reality shows. I already forced my daughter to unfollow any of them on Instagram or FB. My daughter seems to love Kylee but I’m the parent and putting an end to that quick also The E channel is blocked from my TV from now on. By forcing the next generation to not invest in watching them will slowly make their empire fall….

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