Keith Olbermann Missing in Action on ESPN for the Same Reason Letterman Was Off the Air for About a Month in 2003

Feb 20, 2014  •  Post A Comment

Keith Olbermann was not on ESPN yesterday and missed today, Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014, as well. The reason? He’s got the same ailment that kept David Letterman off the air for close to a month in 2003, reports our good friend Lisa de Moraes, the TV columnist for Deadline.com

The story says that the reason for Olbermann’s absence is shingles: "Olbermann took to Twitter today to assure them he’s not engaged in another death match with his employer — he’s suffering from shingles, suggesting it was fate’s way of punishing him for falling out of the 25-54 demographic last week when he celebrated his 55th birthday. Shingles is a viral infection that causes a painful rash and that is itself caused by the chickenpox virus that stays in the body for years. In 2003, CBS late-night star David Letterman was out for about a month with shingles."

The column adds: "ESPN responded to a question asking what is the plan while Keith Olbermann is out sick with a statement from Olbermann: ‘I’m day to day. We’re all day to day.’ We hear Quinn is filling in — at least tonight."

If you want to read Olbermann’s tweets about his condition, please click on the link above that goes to de Moraes’ story.

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  1. Shoulda been a roofer!

  2. What ever it takes to keep this SOB off T.V.

  3. Just waiting for this story to be highlighted on Drudge, so we can get hundreds of “supportive” posts like “BlueStormRising”.

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