Philip Seymour Hoffman — How He Spent His Last Days: ‘Shooting a blockbuster film. Business meetings. Ballgames. Binge drinking. Drug buys.’

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Philip Seymour Hoffman "died, by all accounts, an addict’s death, with periods of outward normalcy interrupted by erratic behavior. Shooting a blockbuster film. Business meetings. Ballgames. Binge drinking. Drug buys."

So writes Michael Wilson in The New York Times, as he traces Hoffman’s life during his final days.

Wilson adds about Hoffman that his "last hours and days were a jerking and complicated blend of business, socializing, furtive drug deals and, finally, what appeared to be a fatal overdose of heroin."

The article says that during Hoffman’s final days, "People saw him all over the Village and beyond. The return home last week of an apparently drunken Mr. Hoffman from Atlanta, where he was shooting scenes for the coming ‘Hunger Games’ films, did not go unnoticed, with witnesses recounting run-ins with the actor at two different airports.

"He seemed reticent and rumpled at his last public appearance, promoting the films ‘God’s Pocket’ and ‘A Most Wanted Man’ at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah on Jan. 19. Friends, however, would later point out that Mr. Hoffman would often appear that way, as if he had been out partying all night when in fact he had just awaked from a night’s sleep."

To read the details of Hoffman’s final days, we suggest you click on the link, above, which will take you to the original story with all its detail.

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