Reality Show Cast Demands Raises — and Doesn’t Get the Desired Response From the Network

Feb 20, 2014  •  Post A Comment

The cast of a reality show wants more money from the network, but the network is playing hardball. TMZ.com reports that the hard-partying cast of “Party Down South” is putting the squeeze on CMT for a bump in pay, with CMT ready to show cast members the door if they fail to reach an agreement.

Cast members currently receive only $500 per episode, and they are asking for raises for the show’s second season, the story reports.

“Sources close to the show tell us CMT had a conference call last Friday with the cast and their newly hired managers — and one of the stars, Mattie Breaux, went off … bitching about salaries, and a plan to shoot seasons 2 and 3 back-to-back,” the article notes.

The report adds: "We’re told Mattie eventually hung up, but producers were unfazed — and are now saying if Mattie wants to quit … they won’t stop her."

CMT is offering $1,000 for each cast member to shoot a reunion episode, and the parties are hoping new contracts are signed within the next week, the story adds.

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  1. The only thing I find surprising is that there is going to be a second season of this awful, awful show.

  2. I think CMT should give the cast higher salaries , because they are cast the people want to see not anyone else.Power to the People to voice their opinion.

  3. Come on CMT u should b ashame. What r all of u making, guarantee it is more than $500? I will never watch party down south or anything like that if u don’t give them descent pay. $1000 malarkey These people have to drink daily and put their whole life out there all over the internet. Shame shame CMT really disgusting that u would even attempt to do such a thing with the kind of money u produce, unreal!!!!!!!

  4. Give them a raise.! Its a cheesy show, but I enjoyed it and watched every week. With all their flaws it was fun. I actually believed the show could have evolved into a decent program. Are they even getting scale?

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