‘Seinfeld’ Cast Reunion? After Much Speculation, It Turns Out to Be a Rumor About (Almost) Nothing

Feb 3, 2014  •  Post A Comment

The much speculated upon “Seinfeld” cast reunion turned out to be, like the hit NBC show "Seinfeld," about nothing, or close to it — a Super Bowl ad for Jerry Seinfeld’s Web series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” reports Mary McNamara in the Los Angeles Times’ Show Tracker.

“Unfortunately, like the Broncos’ quarterback, it had a hard time connecting,” McNamara writes. “There they were, Jerry and George (Jason Alexander), sauntering into their coffee shop (Tom’s Restaurant in real New York), engaged in a conversation interesting only in its banality — everyone’s been invited to a Super Bowl party at the Wassersteins except them. Except it turns out Jerry has been invited; George was banned because of his poor party manners and use of the master bathroom.”

When Wayne Knight shows up, it prompts the show’s old refrain, “Hello, Newman,” the story notes.

“Which should have been hilarious and evocative, should have made us realize how much we miss the show that changed comedy and unleashed Larry David onto an unsuspecting public,” McNamara notes. “Except it wasn’t and it didn’t. There’s a reason, apparently, the cast has been reluctant to commit to a reunion show: It might not be a good idea.”

She adds, “Now they, and we, are older. The new crop of twentysomethings do most of their talking on Snapchat; George and Jerry don’t even carry cellphones.”

Here’s the clip:

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