Former CIA Operative Says Malaysian Plane Mystery May Be the Real-Life Acting Out of a Hollywood-Type Scenario: That the Long-Range Wide-Body Jetliner Has Been Deliberately Stolen to Be Used as a Weapon Later

Mar 14, 2014  •  Post A Comment

A former CIA operative painted a scary scenario during a local newscast Thursday on Los Angeles’ ABC owned-and-operated TV station, KABC.

Here’s a transcript of part of the segment as reported by KABC Eyewitness News reporter Elex Michaelson.

(In this part of the report Robert Baer, a former CIA operative, is talking about the disappearence, last Saturday, March 8, 2014, of a Malaysia Airlines 777 jet.)

Robert Baer: It’s clear now that it was some sort of act of terrorism, either the crew or a passanger."

Elex Michaelson: Newport Beach resident Robert Baer is a former CIA operative who inspired George Clooney’s Oscar-winning role in ‘Syriana.’ Baer investigated the Lockerbie bombing and other air attacks for the agency, but says this latest flight is unprecedented.

Baer: I’ve never seen a plane, a passenger plane, stolen, ever.

Michaelson: Baer says what he calls a Hollywood-type scenario is possible.

Baer: Is it possible that they have landed this plane on a remote strip and immediately covered it up before daylight to block if from satellite coverage? Yeah, it’s possible.

Michaelson: Baer says under that scenario, the plane would be stored to use as a weapon at a later date. Now, he says that scenario isn’t likely, but it is now being considered by investigators.

Robert Baer.jpgFormer CIA Operative Robert Baer

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