From John Travolta Mispronouncing Actress-Singer Idina Menzel’s Name to the Writer and Director of ’12 Years a Slave’ Snubbing Each Other, It’s the ‘7 Weirdest Moments at the Oscars’

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Thanks to Emily Wright at the Boston.com blog Movie Nation for posting the "7 weirdest moments at [the] 86th Academy Awards."

About John Travolta she wrote, "Don’t presenters usually practice their lines? Well, John Travolta sounded like he had never seen Idina Menzel’s name before because it came out something like ‘Adele Dabzine.’ It’s a good thing we knew she was singing ‘Let It Go’ from ‘Frozen’ (which won for best original song) when he introduced her, or we wouldn’t have known what was coming." (Watch Travolta in the video clip, below.)

Another weird moment Wright mentions is the director and screenwriter of "12 Years a Slave" snubbing each other. She writes, "We still haven’t found an answer to this riddle, but John Ridley (winner of best adapted screenplay for "12 Years a Slave") and Steve McQueen (director of best picture-winning "12 Years a Slave") failed to thank each other during their acceptance speeches. Another note: McQueen clapped rather slowly when Ridley made his way to the stage for the win. Where’s the love, fellas?"

Wright notes a few of the tweets on the matter, including this one from Cole Haddon: "Wow, Steve McQueen and John Ridley. Haven’t seen that much awkward tension since my parents were last in a room together. #Oscars2014"

Here are the other 5 moments that Wright found weird at the 2014 Oscarcast:

Leonardo DiCaprio turning down free pizza, the seemingly naturally attractive Australian actress and Oscar winner Cate Blanchett thanking a hair & makeup team for making her look attractive, host Ellen DeGeneres referencing Jonah Hill’s family jewels — twice, legendary actress Kim Novak, 81, presenting her "new look," and Ellen taking that epic selfie, which she said shut down Twitter because it was re-tweeted so many times. (It has now been re-tweeted more than 2.5 million times.)

Here’s the selfie:
ellen's oscar selfie.jpgAnd here’s that Travolta video clip:

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