He Did the Voiceover on Countless TV Promos and Movie Trailers. You’ll Recognize the Voice Instantly. Listen One More Time to the Dulcet Tones of Hal Douglas, Who Has Died at 89

Mar 14, 2014  •  Post A Comment

"Chances are you don’t recognize his face, but you definitely know his voice," writes Elizabeth Durand Streisand at Yahoo Movies.

Streisand continues: "It is the sound of Saturday matinees. Of action films. Heart-wrenching dramas. And slapstick comedies. The promise of another world."

The article adds: "The sad news arrived today that Hal Douglas, one of Hollywood’s most prolific voiceover artists, died last Friday [March 7, 2014] at his home in Lottesville, Virginia. The 89-year-old legend, who continued to work steadily until just two years ago, succumbed to pancreatic cancer. He is survived by his wife, Ruth Francis Douglas; his daughter, Sarah; and two sons, Jeremy and Jon."

Robert Thompson, pop culture expert and media professor at Syracuse University, told Streisand, "Hal Douglas was one of those voices everyone has heard. His voice has probably penetrated the lives of more Americans more times than probably anyone. But he’s totally anonymous. He sounds like what a movie voiceover is supposed to sound like because he’s done so many of them. He is the rule. He’s become the model."

Here’s a YouTube video that contains a number of samples of Douglas’ work:

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