Judd Apatow Says His Career Has Been Fueled by Revenge

Mar 12, 2014  •  Post A Comment

Judd Apatow is pointing to an event that took place in 2000 as the impetus for the rest of his career. Variety reports that Apatow points the finger at the cancellation of his show “Freaks and Geeks” by NBC.

“Even to this day, I think I didn’t want to admit that ‘Freaks and Geeks’ was canceled,” Apatow said Monday at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills. “Everything I’ve done, in a way, is revenge for the people who canceled ‘Freaks and Geeks.’ It’s really demented, but it’s just like, ‘You were wrong about that person, and that person and that person. And that writer and that director.’ And I really should get over that.”

The low-rated comedy helped jump-start the careers of a number of actors, including Seth Rogen, Linda Cardellini and Jason Segel. Apatow still works with many of those wh were involved in the short-lived NBC comedy.

judd apatow.pngJudd Apatow

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