Why NBC Rejected David Janollari’s Latest Project

Mar 5, 2014  •  Post A Comment

David Janollari, a five-time Emmy nominee who has been behind a string of TV shows including "Six Feet Under" and "The Hughleys," has had his latest project turned down by NBC.

Writing on Deadline.com, Nellie Andreeva reports that the Peacock Network is passing on the supernatural mystery project “Conception,” from producer Janollari and writer John Glenn.

The decision comes after NBC greenlighted the “Heroes: Reborn” miniseries, a reboot of its popular “Heroes” drama. “I hear NBC brass felt the two projects were too similar,” Andreeva writes.

The story adds: “Co-written by Glenn and Lars Jacobson, ‘Conception’ tracks a modern-day immaculate conception on a large scale. The show was to follow those few children that survived and how they’re destined to change the world.”

The piece also reports: “Being a big-swing, out-there concept, NBC in January opted to order backup scripts instead of a pilot to get a better grasp of the idea and how it would evolve.”

NBC ordered the “Heroes” reboot after that, the article notes.

It’s unclear whether Universal Television, the studio behind “Conception,” will look for another home for the drama, the report adds.

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