Actress Valerie Harper Is Sued by Playwright for Allegedly Failing to Tell Him About Her Cancer

Apr 28, 2014  •  Post A Comment

“Rhoda” star Valerie Harper has been sued by playwright Matthew Lombardo and the producers of the Broadway production of “Looped” for allegedly intentionally failing to tell them that her cancer had returned, reports TMZ.

The lawsuit claims that Harper, in an effort to keep her job, failed to tell them in 2012 that her cancer had spread to her brain, the story says.

“According to the lawsuit, Harper couldn't keep the ruse going for long — Lombardo and co. claim her evil plan fell apart when she began to forget her lines and slur her speech during rehearsals,” the story says. “Lombardo claims the director urged Harper to see a doctor, which she did — and it was during that visit that she discovered her lung cancer had spread to her brain.”

Harper pulled out of the show because of her health, and the lawsuit alleges Lombardo was left to find a replacement. He claims the inconvenience cost him $500,000, and he is also seeking $1.5 million to, as TMZ puts it, “punish Harper for her heinous misdeeds.”

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