Barry Diller: Aereo Is ‘Finished’ If It Loses in Supreme Court

Apr 3, 2014  •  Post A Comment

Barry Diller said the streaming service Aereo will be “finished” if the U.S. Supreme Court rules against the company in a case that will be heard later this month over the legality of its service, The New York Times reports.

“If we lose, we’re finished,” Diller, a major investor in the service, told Bloomberg TV. “I can’t see any path forward. It probably would not be able to continue in business.”

The case is slated to be heard by the Supreme Court April 22. The service uses tiny antennas to capture broadcast signals, which are then relayed back to customers via Internet streaming. Broadcasters are arguing that the service is effectively stealing and violates copyright laws, while Aereo claims it’s simply allowing customers to watch TV over public airwaves, using smaller versions of the antennas people used to rely on.

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