Bill O’Reilly Goes After Stephen Colbert

Apr 10, 2014  •  Post A Comment

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly “has gone on the warpath against Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert,” calling him a “deceiver” who is hurting the U.S., reports the Los Angeles Times’ Show Tracker.

O’Reilly’s comments were sparked by a comedy bit on Colbert’s show that made fun of O’Reilly’s arguments against marriage and gender equality. O’Reilly said his positions weren’t accurately reflected.

“His analysis is delivered under the guise of comedy," O'Reilly said. He also accused Colbert of being “one of the biggest mouthpieces for the progressive movement,” but then also belittled Colbert's show for having “only about a million” viewers.

The story notes: “O'Reilly has a long and complicated history with Colbert, whose on-screen persona as the obtuse host of ‘Colbert Report’ is at least partly based on the Fox News star. O'Reilly sometimes wants to be in on the joke but at other moments — such as Tuesday — seems to have trouble hiding his irritation.”

Here's a clip of O’Reilly’s comments:

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