CNN Anchor, Under Fire From Barbara Walters on ‘The View,’ Defends Malaysia Airlines Coverage

Apr 15, 2014  •  Post A Comment

Barbara Walters and some of her co-hosts on "The View" fired a volley of criticisms at a guest from CNN on the Monday episode of the morning talk show, blasting the cable news channel's extensive coverage of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, reports TheWrap.com.

“You've covered this more than any other story that I can remember!” Walters told CNN anchor Don Lemon, who was appearing as a guest host on "The View."

“CNN would not do this if it were not for the ratings," Walters added.

Lemon defended the cable news channel's reporting, noting that the audience is interested in the story. “I don't know if we would do it just for the ratings; we do a lot of things that don't rate well, but we still do it,” he said.

Lemon also said: “I think it is a mystery when you have something as big as a giant ‘triple seven’ disappear in this day and age with so much technology where everything is tracked and have no trace of it for five weeks."

He added that the families of people on the missing plane are relying on the media to get information, noting that Malaysia "does not have an open media."

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