Emmy Mailer for CBS Drama Series Attacks Cable Rivals

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An Emmy mailer that has gone out in support of a CBS series takes aim at the show's rivals from cable TV. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network's mailer for its drama “The Good Wife” makes a point of the disparity between the number of episodes produced for a broadcast show versus cable.

The mailer is part of a “a bold awards season campaign that not only praises its own critical darling, but also attacks that cable competition — or, at least, the rules by which these series play,” the story reports.

The mailer notes that AMC’s “Mad Men” only produced seven episodes, while HBO’s “True Detective” created eight. “The Good Wife,” meanwhile, aired 22 episodes.

“When you look at the television landscape, you realize, 'Wow, "The Good Wife" does this 22 times a year,' nearly double and in some cases triple what its competitors are producing," CBS TV Studios President David Stapf told the publication.

Stapf added, “To maintain the kind of quality over the course of 22 episodes, and this year featuring two of the most talked-about, tweeted-about story points in recent television history, is definitely worthy of recognition — especially given that it is far more challenging to do so in the broadcast television universe."

The campaign follows other complaints about the competition in the drama category, with FX Networks Chief Executive John Landgraf complaining that “True Detective” should be competing in the miniseries category. Of course, the article points out, it was FX’s decision to submit the anthology show “American Horror Story” in the miniseries category that got some people upset a few years ago.

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