Female Anchor Confronts Male Guest About Sexist Comment — Here’s the Video

Apr 17, 2014  •  Post A Comment

When a guest on her program made what she perceived as a sexist comment, the anchor of a cable financial news show called him out for it — and later wrote a piece on The Daily Beast explaining why.

Bloomberg TV’s Stephanie Ruhle discussed the incident that took place Tuesday on "Market Makers." During a discussion with AQR Capital founder Cliff Asness, he said, “You're giving me that look that I get when I talk to women about quant stuff.” The term "quant" is trade jargon for quantitative analysis.

Ruhle immediate stopped the conversation and said, “Are you hitting me with a sexist line right there? Let me have a time out. I’m like ringing a foul ball bell here.”

In her piece for The Daily Beast, Ruhle writes: “This kind of thing happens a lot to women at work. Usually it’s just a clumsy riff on old ideas of what’s gender-appropriate.”

She calls Asness’ comment “a dumb joke at a moment when his mouth and brain weren’t connecting. Which means the relevant issue isn’t the damage done, but the proper response. For me, in the moment, it was to stop the interview and call him out, with as much humor as possible, for a comment even the most ancient chauvinist knows is out of date.”

She adds: “I'm quite sure Cliff wasn't trying to insult me specifically, or women in general. But it’s on everyone — men and women — to knock down stereotypes and outdated assumptions, even when they’re just proffered to fill a little air-time. We don’t need to respond with rage. But we still haven’t come far enough to let such things go unacknowledged.”

Ruhle also notes in the piece: "Cliff is one of the smartest investors in the world. The truth is that he outpaces people of all sexes, creeds, and colors when it comes to numbers. But he had singled me out — the woman sitting across from him on live TV — for a bit of gentle ridicule."

Here's the clip:

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