Why a Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor Stormed Off the Set During ‘Meet the Press’ Taping

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A survivor of the Boston Marathon bombings cut short a scheduled television appearance and stormed off the set during the taping Friday. The Washington Times reports that the scheduled appearance on “Meet the Press” left Adrianne Haslet-Davis in tears after the show used the bombers’ names, something she had requested that the show not do.

Haslet-Davis, a dancer who lost part of a leg in the bombing, said she had “politely” asked the show not to use the bombers’ names. She indicated that NBC agreed to her request.

The story reports that Haslet-Davis tweeted: "I feel so disrespected @meetthepress I asked politely yesterday and you said yes. Now you choose to use the name instead."

In a separate tweet, she added, “Cannot believe @meetthepress chose to use the bombers name instead of respect their guest. Had to walk off set crying.”

NBC News issued a statement Friday evening saying: “Adrianne Haslet-Davis is an inspiring survivor with an important story to share. She was due to take part in a roundtable discussion for 'Meet the Press' with three other participants. She requested that the alleged bombers’ names not be used in the entire program, but given the nature of the discussion we couldn’t make that guarantee. We regret any distress caused by this miscommunication.”

Haslet-Davis also wrote a statement on her website, apparently addressing NBC News. In it she said, in part: "Your decision to back out on that promise you made and the horrific way you brought that decision to my attention just minutes prior to taping was not only a cowardice move but a dishonorable one as well. To say that I am hurt is an understatement, for you not only disrespected me, you disrespected the survivors of the bombing and the victims memories by blatantly disregarding this request and putting the value of a terrorist’s name, who put a city in turmoil and caused irrevocable damage physically and emotionally to people of this city, over Boston’s integrity, fortitude, and my personal well being."

NBC News President Deborah Turness has reportedly called Haslet-Davis to apologize.

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Adrianne Haslet-Davis

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