Fox News Shuffles Its Lineup as Anchor Takes Time Off

May 13, 2014  •  Post A Comment

Fox News is shuffling its on-air lineup as one of the cable network's anchors takes some time off. TVNewser.com reports that longtime weekend co-anchor Gregg Jarrett is taking time off for “personal reasons,” which will prompt some changes to the network’s weekend programming.

The story reports that the changes will include "Harris Faulkner signing off the Saturday edition of ‘Fox Report,’ while continuing to host Sunday’s show at 7 p.m. ET. Faulkner will move to a six-day workweek, serving as a co-host on the new show ‘Outnumbered’ Monday-Friday at noon ET.”

On “Fox Report” Saturday, she will be replaced by rotating anchors, including John Roberts, the story adds. The Saturday 1 p.m. slot will also have rotating anchors.

gregg jarrett.pngGregg Jarrett


  1. This is absolutely ridiculous. Even children’s shows have sex. What happened to morality

  2. many years ago FCC Chairman NEWTON MINNOW said that the television industry was a VAST WASTELAND !!!! WOW he must be constantly rotating all day in his grave with what is going on now . And that was quite a many years ago . It’s amazing how the advertising word gets Everything and we don’t even get the scrapes .

  3. There are so many commercials on general hospital I’m ready to stop watching

  4. There are so many commercials, many of which are overtly didactic, that I have quit watching anything infested with them.

    And the programs are now polluted by an ever increasing didacticism, it just grates against my sensibilities as one scene after another is “preaching” to me about the moral superiority of some producer’s ideas of how society should be..

    It’s like being invited over to someone home for a pleasant evening, and every couple of sentences out of your hosts lips are “encouraging” one to change Religions, adopt a new standard for education in Schools, alter one’s Political views,, or Global Warming, and on and on…

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