NBC News Shakes Up the White House Beat

May 2, 2014  •  Post A Comment

NBC News is shaking things up among its on-air personalities, Variety reports, including naming a new senior White House correspondent.

"NBC News said Chris Jansing would leave her current post at MSNBC and return to NBC News full time as the news unit’s senior White House correspondent. Peter Alexander, the current White House correspondent, has been named national correspondent for NBC News," the story reports.

The report adds: "Both Jansing and Alexander will work as part of a unit that also comprises Chuck Todd, the NBC News Political Director and Chief White House Correspondent, and Kristen Welker, who will continue to report for 'NBC Nightly News' and 'Today.'”

Jansing currently hosts the daytime program “Jansing and Co.” on MSNBC, and the cable channel will be searching for her replacement.

In a statement, Deborah Turness, president of NBC News, said: “In addition to enhancing our coverage, we hope that this new structure will also allow Chuck Todd to dedicate more of his time to the signature razor-sharp analysis and expertise that our audiences can’t get enough of. Chris and Peter, along with Kristen Welker, give us a powerful ensemble covering the White House as we approach the midterms and the 2016 presidential elections.”

Variety adds: "Jansing joined NBC News in June 1998, and has anchored 'Jansing and Co.' on MSNBC since October 2010. She anchored MSNBC’s coverage of the terrorist attacks on September 11 as the events unfolded. Alexander joined NBC News in 2004, and has served as White House Correspondent since December 2012."

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Chris Jansing


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