Stephen King to Appear on ‘Under the Dome’

May 19, 2014  •  Post A Comment

CBS revealed that Stephen King, who wrote the novel that is the basis of the network's drama series "Under the Dome," will make a cameo in the show's second-season premiere, Deadline.com reports.

Executive producer Neal Baer said season two will move the story beyond King's book, but added that King is giving his blessing by writing the season's first episode and making an appearance in it.

"In a trailer for that first, King-written episode, The Dome becomes magnetic, sending all the town’s metal appliances, vehicles, etc., careening across the landscape. This doesn’t end well for at least one of the show’s characters," the story reports.

Said Baer: “What I love about Stephen King’s way of seeing the world is that the ordinary becomes extraordinary. The barbecue is only the beginning. In that episode, things we trust become fearful."

Baer added: “This is about ecological disaster pending — that magnetism has caused many things to happen."

The report adds that Baer "hinted at 'biblical problems of pestilence and bloody rain, because characters haven’t been the stewards they should be, of protecting the land and each other. What is the message The Dome is trying to teach us?'”

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